For those of you who need to get started, add or refresh previous knowledge at a base level regarding the culture, the base values, the team spirit and the work environment.

Situation analysis

In order to gain a deeper understanding of the current situation in the club and an important common platform for the board and coaches, Equally Different conducts interview-based surveys to provide an analysis tool in the strategic work around values, culture and the interpersonal relationship - for a welcoming and open club for all.

Themed lectures - trainer/leader

Joy, community and commitment – three important words in a sports club’s life. To make these ‘beautiful words’ alive and relevant, Equally Different offers our popular lectures. The goal is, one dream one team, which means that no practice or match is a one-man show, neither is life. We become stronger and better together – and club life is about uniting everyone who is different. That starts with each individual’s mindset, wanting to choose empathy, humanity and letting more into the game that you love.

The lectures can be combined with workshops to varying extents. Equally Different offers targeted lectures for coaches/leaders, players (age-appropriate), guardians and boards. We also have popular VIP lectures for sponsors.

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Themed lectures - team

Age-appropriate lectures on, among other things, civil courage, drawing boundaries, use of language, potential and performance as well as what it means to see the team before the self.

  • The team before the self
  • Performance, security, gaming pleasure
  • The game plan life
  • Racism
  • How people work
  • One dream one team

Themed lectures - guardians

How you feel together in the team, community, well-being and all kinds of situations and relationships, starts at home at the kitchen table. In lectures to guardians, we together invite the most important group in how the club/association as a whole succeeds - namely the guardians.

Themed lectures - sponsors

Equally Different's founder, Mary Juusela, is a popular speaker with extensive experience providing value to funders and investors. In a VIP lecture for your sponsors, she creates added value that creates ripples on the water.

“During the lecture, I was able to take a look at the girls who had protested before. They really sat and listened and it warmed my heart. I was also so happy when some of them came to you afterwards. It meant something to them and that’s what we want. Reach out, strengthen and affirm.”


Maria Andersson, Värmbol DFK, Board member and coach

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