We understand, we practice – but ‘not much’ happens. How do we get the work, knowledge and insight in culture, values and relationships to reach the whole club or the individual teams? In order to systematically make the work fly in practice there are products and services in the Implement stage.

Certified Trainer Programme

Is there really something that unites or touches us like sport and community life? All the non-profit hours we spend on the community, commitment and sport.

Regardless of whether you are the player, the referee, the supporter in the stands or the one who cheers for your favorite team at home in front of the TV, it is within association life that we meet each other in all these emotions and thus build our strong community. That’s where it all begins.

Equally Different supports clubs that are looking for a long-term overall approach beyond all ‘quick fixes’ and who want to involve the whole organization (including guardians, supporters and any sponsors) in the work around values, social behaviors and mental health.

Iiro Halén, Equally Different’s Head Trainer for multi-world champion club in floorball, Classic Salibandy Club in Tammerfors, Finland.

Equally Different Trainer Program (per season)

  1. In a train-the-trainer concept, 1-2 club managers are trained in social behaviour (civil courage, language use, attitudes, communication, etc.), potential, performance and mental health according to the evidence-based and academically linked Equally Different method.
  2. The club’s managers are certified as Head Trainers.
  3. These Head Trainers train the club’s coaches and leaders.
  4. The coaches and leaders lead the operational and strategic work in systematically and structured work with all different teams and players. At the same time, guardians and supporters of the work are pulled in too.
  5. The work then continues long-term internally with the support of your Head Trainers who bring to life and implement the work season after season.

Equally Different’s founder, Mary Juusela, leads the Head Trainer education.

The work takes place both physically on site and via the Learning Lab, Equally Different’s learning platform, where you can access the material when it suits you – and as many times as you need.

Board work

In a tailored consulting process, which is based on your needs and current situation, we structure existing processes and/or we strengthen the board's ongoing and future wishes regarding the internal work and objectives, within values, culture and the psychosocial relationships. For those of you who are not yet started in the work around values and equal treatment within the club/association, Lika Olika can develop, guide and carry out strategic work in determining the direction and execution of a desired values-based work. Contact us for more information: mary@likaolikametoden.se

Situation analysis

To understand the current situation in the club and an important common platform for the board and coaches, Equally Different conducts interview-based surveys to provide an analysis tool in the strategic work around values, culture and the interpersonal relationship - for a welcoming and open club for all.


Equally Different offers a much-appreciated monthly newsletter aimed at providing simple tools, motivation and knowledge in social behavior (civil courage, boundary-drawing, language etc.) to the coaches, the board and guardians in order to be able, able and willing to work further around their own prejudices, values, attitudes and language use. The newsletter is free of charge and is produced every month with support based on the latest research. For subscription (in Swedish at the moment): http://eepurl.com/duqxhz If you have questions, contact: johanna@likaolikametoden.se

Coaching - trainer/leader

For clubs that would like a tailored full-day, half-day or exclusive coaching for all or groups of coaches/leaders, Equally Different offers this opportunity. Contact: mary@likaolikametoden.se

“I saw a teenage player standing hyperventilating on the side of the pitch just before the game. What has happened? Has someone died? I thought. It turned out that her Instagram post only got 2 likes. This is the reality we live in today. Those of us working in sport have an important arena with opportunities to strengthen our children and young people for the pressure they face.”

/Peter Lindvall

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