From the multiple floorball world champions, Classic Salibandy Club in Finland, to big clubs such as Malmö FF, Sölvesborg-Mjällby AIF, local sports associations such as Enskede IK, Bro IK, DFK Värmbol and Bosön Sports Academy, Equally Different has worked with them all. Whether you are a whole club, a division or individual team, if your association is made up of coaches, players, guardians, supporters or perhaps a board – we have long experience of contributing to associations’ culture based on the club’s values and with a focus on uniting everyone different, increasing joy, community, commitment and potential.

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Case: We love football, Sweden

In a desire to raise football as an arena for care, education and upbringing, to increase the joy of playing, team spirit and physical health for more children and young people, the organization We Love Football together with us are now taking a joint approach to promote mental health in youth football - for real. During several of We love Football's football tournaments this summer, participating leaders together with Equally Different will be trained in attitudes, prejudices and use of language - social behaviors that largely determine enjoyment of the game, team spirit and mental health. The first tournament where Equally Different's work takes place is during the Malmö Trophy; a large international football tournament organized in Malmö by We Love Football and Malmö FF. The participating teams come from 15 different countries and will all have the opportunity to take part in Mary Juusela's acclaimed lecture. The collaboration between We Love Football and Equally Different is a unique opportunity to promote mental health and well-being in the football community. It is an example of how two organizations with different areas of expertise can come together to create a positive impact on society.

Peter Lindvall - We Love Football projekt med Lika Olika

“In times when anxiety, depression and mental illness are increasing, it becomes even more important for youth coaches and leaders to understand and address the issue of social behaviors, in order to create a safe and secure environment for both children and young people.”

Peter Lindvall, co-founder, We Love Football

With many years of experience in both Swedish and international youth football, Peter and his colleague, Riki Simic, founder, We Love Football, see great opportunities in the collaboration with Equally Different to make a difference for individual players, coaches, entire teams and clubs.

“We believe in the unifying power of football and one of the purposes of football is to create a more inclusive and supportive football culture where everyone, regardless of circumstances, should get place to grow and develop”.

Riki Simic, Founder, We Love Football

Case: Classic Salibandy Club, Finland

In a unique assignment from the multiple floorball world champion Classic Salibandy Club in Tampere in Finland, Equally Different has trained Finland's first certified Equally Different Head Trainer in Equally Different's Trainer Program. As part of being a club that is at the forefront, works long-term, sustainably and acts as role models nationally and internationally in floorball and sports in general, the club's chairman and board, together with the Finnish organization DropIn, wanted to take the work where no other club has yet done, to be more than a traditional sports club. That's why Classic Salibandy Club chose to invest in part-time hiring and certification of an Equally Different Head Trainer for one year.

In the photo – Jukka Rantanen (left) with Pasi Peltoa (right), chairman of Classic Salibandy Club.

“Sports clubs are already involved in improving health but they can do a lot more. They can be pioneers, contribute to social education and combat loneliness through community, joy and a commitment that can only be found in sport.”

Jukka Rantanen, board member, Classic Salibandy Club and board member in Hämeen Training and sports association, Tampere, Finland

How we work with sports clubs and associations

In Equally Different's work with sports associations, our products and services are divided into four different processes, depending on the club’s current situation, needs and objectives. Equally Different's products and services can easily supplement existing activities and strategies or run the complete process.


Situation analysis
Themed lectures – trainer/leader
Themed lectures – team
Themed lectures – guardians
Themed lectures – sponsors


Focus work – club (seasonly)
Theme work – team (quarterly)
Coach’s Book
Player’s Book
Guardians’ lectures


Certified Trainer Programme
Board work
Situation analysis
Coaching – trainer/leader


Boosters – trainer/leader
Annual wheel
Season wheel

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